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NANO DIMMER is designed to dim compatible light sources or just on/off control other types of lights. It can work without a neutral wire for loads that require a maximum power of 250 [W].

Works with: LED, Dimmable LED, CFL, Halogen.

Doesn't work with: fluorescent tube lamps.

Occasional bulb flickering might be resolved using an AEOTEC BYPASS.

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Important notes

Power supply must be 100 - 240 VAC and doesn't require NEUTRAL Wire (NUL);

- A Z-Wave Hub is required!

- Designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else it is necessary to control electric devices. Allows us to control the connected devices either via Z-Wave or via mechanical switch.

- It can control one circuit with loads that doesn't exceed 250 W.

- For loads under 20 W, AEOTEC BYPASS is needed!

- Do not connect loads greater than those recommended!

- Do not connect the power supply without a load!

How it works

Nano Dimmer  is a small size module created by AEOTEC, that can be integrated in standard wall switch boxes.

It allows us to remotely control connected devices using the Z-Wave Network (a Z-Wave Hub is required).

Notes for the diagrams:

L - terminal for Live wire (100 - 240 VAC);

N - terminal for Neutral wire (optional);

OUT - output for load;

COM - terminal for power supply to the switches;

S1 - terminal for 1st switch;

S2 - terminal for 2nd switch;

Action Button - service button (used to add/remove the device from the Z-Wave network)

Where it works

It can be fit into standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else it is necessary to control electric devices.

aeotec - nano dimmer - compatibility.png

Minimum power (if your load is below the minimum power required, AEOTEC BYPASS is needed):

min 20 W - resistive loads only
min 10 W - resistive loads
min 11 W - capacitive loads
no min, max 100 W - inductive loads

Supported loads:

Control ability
Supported load types
With dimming function (On/Off/Dim control)
Incandescent bulbs,
Halogen bulbs with or without electronic transformer,
Dimmable LED bulbs (leading edge and trailing edge),
Low Voltage VAC LED lighting,
Dimmable Fluorescent lamps.
Without dimming function (On/Off control only)
Non-dimmable bulbs,
Compact fluorescent lamps with electronic rectifier,
Fluorescent tube lamps with electronic ballast,
Non-dimmable LED Bulbs

Tech Specs

Power supply
100 - 240 VAC, ~ 50/60 Hz
max 1.2 A
Operating Temperature
0 - 40 ℃ 
Relative humidity
8 - 80 %
Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]     
42.5 x 40 x 20
Z-Wave Plus
up to 150 m outdoors
AES-128 Encryption

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