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Heating and climate control

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FIBARO - Z-Wave+ Heat Controller Starter Pack

The FIBARO Heat Controller (Z-Wave) is a remotely controlled thermostatic head to control the temperature in your room. It measures the temperature and automatically adjusts the heating level. It can be mounted without tools on three types of thermostatic valves.

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Heatit Z-TRM3 Thermostat 3600W 16A

Heatit Z - TRM3 is an electronic thermostat for electrical in - floor heating, designed to be mounted in a standard flush box.

You may combine frames and fronts as you please:

- choose a black frame with a white front (or the other way)


- go fo the all - white or all - black editions;

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Heatit Z-Dim

Heatit Z-Dim is a Z-Wave dimmer for many different types of light sources. It will only work with a neutral wire (L + N) for loads that require a maximum power of up to 200 [W].

Works with:

- LED Bulbs  1 - 200 VA;

- Halogen and incandescent bulbs (230 VAC power supplied);

- Dimmable LED - drivers & electronic transformers.

Doesn't work with:

- Inductive loads;

- Fluorescent lighting;

- Fans;

- Linear transformers.

The Heatit Z-Dim works on low loads without causing the lights to flicker.

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Heatit Z-Temp2 Thermostat

Heatit Z-Temp 2 is a battery-operated thermostat designed for use in water-based heating systems. It works as a wireless thermostat for controlling an external relay.

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Heatit Z-Water

Heatit Z-Water is a DIN-rail regulator for controlling hydronic heating.

The module clips right onto a DIN-rail to add a variety of functions to your wireless Z-Wave network. Heatit Z-Water is equipped with 10 relay outputs and it has 4 analog inputs. 

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