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Heatit Z-DIN 616
  • Heatit Z-DIN 616
  • Heatit Z-DIN 616

Heatit Z-DIN 616

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Heatit Z-DIN 616 is a 6 x 16A potential free relay for DIN-rail mounting. The unit is a multi-purpose Z-Wave I/O module, which can be used for many applications.

The module is equipped with 6 relay switches and 6 digital inputs.

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Important notes

Power supply must be 24 VDC or 24 VAC (and does require NEUTRAL Wire (NUL);

- A Z-Wave Hub is required!

- Designed to be installed in DIN rail systems.

- It can control up to 6 circuits (6 outputs).

- Use max. 2.5 mm² wires (according to load).

- Do not connect loads greater than those recommended!

- Do not connect the power supply without a load!

Way it works

The module is equipped with 6 relay switches and 6 digital inputs. The 6 independent relay switches can be controlled freely through the Z-Wave network and may be used for many different purposes.

The relay outputs, which can be controlled from the Z-Wave network, are suitable for switching up to 6 pcs. 230 VAC loads. 

All 6 relay outputs are galvanically separated. The 6 inputs of the DIN-rail module allow you to activate predefined scenes in a Z-Wave primary controller.

The Heatit Z-DIN 616 must be connected to a 24V AC or DC power supply via the terminals labeled ”Vin”. The polarity is of no importance. The supply must be dimensioned to allow the supplied module with enough power to enable all relays to be activated.

Where it works

The module clips right onto a DIN-rail to add a variety of functions to your wireless Z-Wave network.

Heatit Z-DIN 616 relay outputs are able to be freely controlled from the Z-Wave network and can be used for several purposes:

- on/off lighting control;

- possibility to control other systems via the Z-Wave network, by utilizing the 6 outputs as a kind of handover function to another automation system;

- the 6 digital inputs may be connected to potential-free connectors or open collector outputs, and the inputs allow you to control other Z-Wave devices by sending commands through the Z-Wave network.

The 6 digital inputs of the Heatit Z-DIN 616 are useful for various purposes, where potential-free contacts, or Open Collector outputs can be connected. The inputs can be configured to different trigger modes; leading edge, trailing edge or level triggered. The Heatit Z-DIN 616’s inputs can be programmed to control other Z-Wave devices when the inputs are activated, by sending Z-Wave commands over the Z-Wave network to e.g. Z-Wave relay modules, dimmer units, etc


DIN-rail module with 6 relay outputs and 6 digital inputs


Mounted on DIN-rail in switchboard

Potential free circuit control

6 x 16A potential free relays

2-pole switch solution when using 2 x relays combined

Firmware Update (OTA)

Z-Wave interface for other systems to control them through the Z-Wave network

 Supports encryption mode S0, S2 Authenticated Class, S2 Unauthenticated Class

Tech Specs

Power supply


10 - 24V DC


8 - 24V AC

Power consumption

0.6 W + 0.5 W/active relay (max. 4 W)


6 x 1-pole potential free

Digital potential free

(5mm clearance), max. 10V DC

Input impedance

10 kΩ


6 x 1-pole potential free 

(10mm clearance)

AC (1 Phased): 250V AC, 16A;

AC (3 Phased): 750W (engine)

AC 15 (Rated load): 360VA

Max. inrush current

80A / 20ms


Common (C) and Normally Open (NO)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

85 x 105 x 60 mm

M36 6-module


Data sheet

Z-Wave Plus

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