Heatit Z-Smoke Detector 230V

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Heatit Z-Smoke Detector is a wireless smoke sensor with built-in PIR motion sensor, temperature sensor, and emergency light.

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Important notes

- Power supplied with 230V AC!

- A Z-Wave Hub is required!

- The Smoke Sensor allows us to detect smoke presence. 

- It also has an integrated temperature sensor, PIR motion sensor, LED light indicator, and a built-in siren.

How it works

Z-Smoke Detector is an electronic device created by Heatit, which can be easily integrated into any room. (a Z-Wave Hub is required).

Heatit Z-Smoke Detector is a wireless smoke sensor with a built-in PIR motion sensor, temperature sensor, and emergency light. Heatit Z-Smoke Detector is wireless operated photo-electronic smoke detector designed to interact with most Z-Wave enabled controllers.

The detector features smoke, temperature, and IR-detection. When other sensors in the Z-Wave network are activated and send an alarm signal, the smoke detector will also sound an alarm with its built-in siren to warn you.

Notes for diagram:

a - LED-indicator/function button/emergency light;

b - IR-lens;

c - Buzzer;

d - Connection compartment fixing screw;

e - Connection compartment;

f - Hooks;

g - Mounting bracket;

h - Mounting holes (for the hooks on the mounting bracket);

i - Cable channel adapter;

j - Mount by aligning notches and hooks.

Where it works

The Z-Smoke Detector should be installed near the following:

- wood burning heating system;

- chimney;

- in the kitchen;


Multifunctional smoke detector


Smoke & Heat detection

Built-in motion sensor

Built-in temperature sensor

Built-in emergency lighting

Back-up battery

Mute button to silence unwanted alarms 

Tamper switch

Firmware update (OTA)

Supports encryption mode S0, S2 Unauthenticated Class

Tech Specs

Power supply

230V AC, 50 Hz

200 mAh, NiMh back-up battery


85 dB at 3 m distance

Smoke sensor


Temperature sensitivity

±1 °C

Operating Temperature

0 - 50 °C

Operating Humidity

0 - 85 % RH without condensation


Z-Wave Plus

Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]

105 x 105 x 41 mm

PIR Range

Up to 8m at 3m mounting height 


- The product should be tested regularly;

- Vacuum or blow the dust off the smoke detector regularly;

- The smoke detector must be replaced every 10 years.


Data sheet

Z-Wave Plus

Specific References

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